How to select the best reclining chair in Sydney for your needs

Take a seat, recline, and unwind. Your ticket to the ultimate escape is a massage therapy chair, which you may use whenever and wherever you please.

Owning a reclining massage chair not only offers a plethora of physical health advantages, but it can also dramatically enhance your mental well-being, reduce chronic pain, and offer the finest self-care routine imaginable.

How do you pick the greatest full massage chair for your requirements when there are so many advantages, applications, and reasons to get one for yourself?

You’ve conveniently arrived at the correct location. As the top retailer of recliner massage chairs in Sydney, Soothme offers a large selection of premium massage chairs with various features, areas of expertise, and price points, ranging from entry-level and mid-range models to ultra-high end versions.

Here is our guide to picking the greatest electric body massage chair for you from the amazing options available.

Set your budget

Even while all of our reclining massage chairs sound like the pinnacle of luxury, you might be surprised to hear that we offer a selection to fit all budgets. All our models are perfect for you as they are catered to fit the budget of any middle class Australian. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line reclining massage chair, the Pegasus luxury chair may be the right choice.

Look for heated reclining massage chairs

Back heating massage chair with extra heating functions can greatly assist pain treatment in a completely natural approach if pain alleviation is the primary motivation for your massage chair purchase. Get the Pegasus massage chair that caters to every kind of massage chair in one; Neck Massage Chair, Shoulder Massage Chair, and Leg Massage Chair. 

If you suffer from back pain, most of Soothme’s massage chairs deliver heat to the back; if you spend all day on your feet, you may want to look for a chair that has heating for the calves or feet, like the Pegasus massage chairs, which boast massage rollers that are heated themselves. You should also take into account which massage chairs have heating features.

Select cutting-edge reclining technology

What comes to mind when you think of a massage chair that reclines? Say welcome to the Stretch function massage chair with Soothme’s massage chairs, which elevate reclining to a whole new level. Forget about just having a mechanism that folds out from your chair to support your feet. All of our models have opulent zero gravity settings that lift you off the ground like never before. Feel the power and performance of cutting edge technology with the premium range of massage chair of Pegasus that offers:

Zero gravity massage chair- You may now get a weightless massage in the comfort of your own home while comfortably reclined thanks to technology created by NASA scientists. This cutting-edge function will lessen neck pressure, expand your lungs, improve blood flow to your heart, and increase oxygen delivery to your muscles.

Airbag massage chair-Your legs and feet are surrounded by airbags that gently caress them as rollers massage away your stress and tension.

Bluetooth massage chair- You may listen to the music that relaxes you the most with a high-tech Bluetooth connection that delivers crystal-clear, high-quality sound through high-end speakers. By synchronizing the beat of your music to your massage, you may use technology to synchronize massage techniques with your music.

Lcd touch screen massage chair- Screen Controller An easily accessible, fold-out LCD touchscreen controller is located on the right arm of your chair.

Raise your feet

All of Soothme’s models come equipped with either a mechanical or automatic leg rest, so you can always be sure that they will provide the best possible reclining and relaxation.

Are you prepared to locate the ideal premium massage chair? To browse the entire selection of recliner massage chairs available for purchase in Sydney or to schedule a visit to our Sydney store to test them out in person, go to the official Soothme website right away.

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