Companies that manufacture massage chairs all around the world are always developing new technology to improve their goods. Zero-Gravity technology is one of the most modern and cutting-edge technologies that massage chair manufacturers have implemented. The majority of contemporary massage chairs include a cutting-edge reclining function called Zero-Gravity. You’ve come to the correct site if you want to learn more about this function before buying a massage chair for your home or workplace. This article will cover all there is to know about zero-gravity massage chairs, their advantages, and the top models available right now. Let’s get going!

A zero-gravity massage chair is any standard massage chair that has the “zero-gravity” technology. NASA served as the source of inspiration for the improved reclining feature known as zero-gravity technology. With the use of this technology, the electric body massage chair acquires a reclined position that resembles an astronaut’s when a rocket lifts off from the surface of the planet. The astronaut’s body experiences a tremendous and sudden increase in gravitational pull during a rocket launch. The astronauts are positioned such that their bodies can uniformly disperse the gravitational pull in order to sustain this extreme stress. Their knees are raised above the level of their heart in this reclined position. The weight of an astronaut is evenly distributed across the chair in this posture. It is sometimes referred to as the zero-gravity posture. Therefore, reclining massage chairs with this function are referred to as zero-gravity massage chairs. Legs are raised to the level of the user’s heart in a massage chair’s zero-gravity posture.


A user’s body weight is uniformly distributed across the full body massage recliner chair’s backrest while they are in the zero-gravity position. Since the glute muscles generally support the whole weight of the upper body, it enables them to relax and become stress- and tension-free. The kneading and tapping actions performed by the moving massage rollers in the back area are additionally complemented by this posture. The duty of the massage rollers is enhanced since the user’s complete bodyweight is dispersed across their back and spinal muscles.

A user is in a zero-gravity posture when their knees are higher than their heart. In this posture, the heart works more efficiently and is under less stress. It aids in increasing the blood’s oxygen content for the user. It enhances the blood flow to the legs. If you have any leg swelling, it also aids in lowering it. Leg problems like varicose veins can also be treated by raising your knees over your heart.

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